Have you ever returned home from a meal out and discovered to your horror there’s a piece of food lodged quite evidently in your teeth or something hanging from your nose?

And you realize, nobody said anything.

There’s a good gauge of friendship: will someone interrupt your train of thought…

Anger gets a bad rap.

I startled a snake in Singapore once. Our dogs were barking, so my mother went out to investigate, and saw a cobra uncoiling itself near our house. The cobra started slithering away. In a fit of teenage testosterone I told my mum I’d take care…

Photo by Randy Fath, Unsplash

Oct 30

I’ve always loved Halloween in America. People send their kids to knock on people’s doors in the dark of night, and encourage them to accept candy from strangers! We actually, for once, laugh together at our fears.

We could use more laughter together right now, at the fear…

Daiga Ellaby

As everyone reels from multiple calamities, as we reckon with all the faults in the state of the union, and continue to endure the claustrophobia of Covid, as parents and teachers anxiously navigate the confusion and chaos of back-to-school-in-a-pandemic, it’s easy to get utterly frustrated.

Our ability to predict our…

Image created by Ayşegül Altınel

“Let’s not perpetuate a fantasy that ‘we’ll all be reunited, the way it was’ — this is going to be a long road, and it will not look the way people expect”. …

May 7, 2020

Teamwork in the unknown

“I feel thick” said a good friend and former colleague. “That sense of clarity and focus I used to pride myself on… It’s eluding me. I just feel… a thickness to my brain…”. We know what she meant. We feel what she meant. Many of us are…

Tom Andrews

Founder and President, TJALeadership.com | Adjunct Professor, Columbia School for International and Public Affairs, Kettlebell instructor (SFG1)

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